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Chatsworth Futures
Specialist College

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Our Team

Our core team consists of a broad range of experienced and skilled practitioners including


  • Helen Bramley - Interim Co-Principal
  • Martin Hanbury – Co-Principal
  • Bethany Cocken - Vice-Principal

Business Support

  • Rachael Jones


  • Conchi Borro
  • Liza Matley
  • Vanessa Machon
  • Julia Nagy
  • Alan Davies

Teaching Assistants

  • Kelly Hurst
  • Robyn Wakely-Reid
  • Sam Marsh
  • Fezhaan Maqbool
  • Lilli Smyth
  • Rachel Lunn
  • Mandy McMahon
  • Helen Davies

Complementary Professionals

Alongside our core team we work with a team of specialist professionals who extend and enrich the learning of our learners

Speech and Language Therapy

  • Emily Walsh

Music Therapy

  • Richard Sanderson

Sports Coach

  • Tom Stuttard